Baby, Just Say Yes

This week has felt like a busy one. It was filled with yoga, studying scuba, live music from a South African band, walking foster dogs on the beach, and a dance class. At some point in my week, I noticed this (I believe it was Wednesday night, when I found myself finishing up beach yoga and then heading to a dance studio to try some new flamenco skills). I had the thought that all of this was happening simply because I said yes. It’s really kind of amazing how simple this premise is.

If you talk to anyone who has done improv on the stage, this probably feels familiar to them. There is the idea that in improv, that any time a new idea is introduced, you continue with that idea: “yes, and…” It can lead you to new places, new stories, new concepts.

My Cayman experience has been one large exercise in “Yes, and…”

Being offered this job, and deciding to take it. “Yes, and…”

Moving to a new country. “Yes, and…”

Working in new populations. “Yes, and…”20150712_151523

Taking a friend up on an offer to do weekly yoga on the beach. “Yes, and…”

Swimming with stingrays. “Yes, and…”

Impromptu baking and cooking lessons with friends. “Yes, and…”

Kayaking on the ocean. “Yes, and…”

Pushing myself out of my comfort zone. “Yes, and yes, and yes, and yes, and…”

It’s kind of a beautiful way to live. I know that if I let any emotion get in my way, it’s usually anxiety. I can find myself trapped with the idea of “what if.” What if I never get another job, after this temporary one ends? What if I run out of money? What if I hate my new home, and spend my entire time in Cayman feeling homesick and depressed?

And while some of those fears still live in various parts of my body, I’m feeling no sense of regret for making these choices. My world has opened a bit more, and I’ve remembered parts of me that I had forgotten. I had forgotten that I have the strength to reach out to others. I had forgotten that I am able to make connections to people wherever I go. I had forgotten that even though things get hard, I can usually find a way through, often to a place much better than before. I had forgotten that sometimes when you choose to walk through the fear, your life can become enhanced exponentially; you just need to remember to trust a little bit more- in the universe, and in yourself.

What will the next days, weeks, months bring? I’m not sure yet. We’ll see what presents itself. I’ll probably be stepping in, thinking to myself: “Yes, and…”


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