Is This Home?

This past week, a friend came down to visit. She kept commenting that she would forget that she was not in America. It’s true that this island has a comfortable feeling that can make me forget that I am in a foreign country. I find that I get more reminders from people with whom I speak about what makes this island what it is. They talk about the small nature of this island, and all that comes with that fact.

Over the edge
It was nice to take some time with my friend to do some of the uniquely Caymanian things that I had yet to do. I was able to swim with stingrays. StingrayI kayaked in the ocean. I drove further east than I had been before, and ate breakfast overlooking the water.


It was lovely.

And today, mere days later, I find I am once again reminded that I am living on an island. Rains have been pouring down for the past two days. Streets became wading pools. Schools closed. And I mistakenly thought my car was a boat. Enter the great car flooding of 2015.


As I neared home, I encountered the largest puddle I had yet seen. I mistakenly thought it couldn’t go too deep for too long. My car gave up about half-way through. And the water seeped in. And rose. I climbed up and sat on the windowsill, as my seat was growing wet from my flooded car.

Car 5

I was fortunate that some kind gentleman nearby offered their help, hiking up their pants, wading in, and pushing my car, and me, to safety.

Car 3

On my next trip home, I decided to not make a second attempt to drive through. Instead, I was accompanied by others as we realized the only way to get home was to pull up our pant legs and walk through this pool.

Car 4

Sometimes it feels easy to forget where I am. Sometimes the island goes above and beyond to remind me.

Adventures big and small can hit at any moment. It’s best when you can take a moment to soak it all in. My car did a lot of soaking today. While it soaks up water, I will continue to soak up the little moments of laughter and connection that I never could have experienced had I not chosen to walk this path.

Next time, just remind me to pack my waterproof shoes.


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