It’s a Brand New Day

One week ago today was Easter. It also happened to be my birthday. While I don’t consider myself a religious person, I find that I like the lessons and meanings that come from religious stories. I like that this year, the day of my birth coincided with the day that Jesus rose from his grave. It left me thinking about rebirth, new beginnings, starting afresh. I believe I have squarely placed myself in a position that is ripe with opportunity to explore, redefine, create something new.

I landed in the Cayman Islands yesterday, and for the first time in my life walked through a resident line in a country that was not the United States. I went to the grocery store, and for the first time saw kangaroo meat for sale. Today, for the first time, I had an employer go swimming in the ocean with me. It’s a glorious thing to know that there is a never-ending potential for firsts in one’s life.


I’m grateful for this opportunity. I’m grateful for the community that surrounds me in my life that made this possible. I’m grateful that I can still push myself outside of my comfort zone.

And I’m finding peace, as I remember how much I love exploring new places; that often, with travel, I am my most joyous. I’m trusting that with some time and distance from what I know, I can see new parts of myself, and remember some of the parts I’ve forgotten.

Who knows where this story will lead? Who knows how I will emerge on the other side? I’m excited for the next chapters.


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