Up to the Highest Heights

I’m learning more and more how important metaphors are to me in making sense of my life and finding peace. When I was in Sedona, I was lucky to take a hot air balloon ride over the red rocks. It was beautiful and serene looking out over the topography as we soared gently high above the earth. I was amazed at the control the pilot had, as he lifted us high, and brought us low to the earth, skimming the grass as the balloon moved over it.

balloonThe pilot told us that while he could do his best to guide the balloon, he did not know from day to day where the trip would lead. While flying, he could talk on his walkie-talkie to get guidance from others about where the winds were and how fast they could take you. As much as you try though, you can’t predict where the journey would lead you in the end. That day we were lucky, going thirteen miles in this yellow and red transport, something the pilot said happens only a dozen times a year.

I couldn’t help but compare that to life. Try as we might, we can never predict where exactly it will lead us. We can reach out for help from others, asking advice, following their paths, but ultimately the journey we take is our own, and we can only do our best to navigate it all.

I think about this as I had an unexpected goodbye in my life this weekend. I parted ways with someone who had recently come into my life, and I don’t know if our paths will come together again. I’m feeling rather sad about it all, and I’m questioning if things could have played out differently, but I’m trying to hold onto the idea that I’m doing the best I can, trying to navigate in an unknown path, attempting to find the winds that will take me where I need to go. Regardless of where this all takes me, I’m better for the journey.


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