Long Time Coming


I turned the knob, and the box to my left lit up with flame, as water began to fall from the shower head. Here, after upwards of 22 hours of travel and a fitful night of sleep, I let it sink in: I’m in Nepal.

Over the past weeks, I had felt stress settle into my body as thoughts of work, love, friendship and yes, this upcoming trip had left a cloak of heaviness. Now I felt it start to wash away.

I wasn’t sure exactly where this adventure would take me. The plan was to trek for 12 days through the Himalayas. I knew how much kili had impacted me, and I again hoped that I could touch that hidden gem that is the strongest part of myself.

I stepped out of the shower room, and looked to the red sun that cast its glow over a hazy Kathmandu. I took in the sound of the wings of the birds flying overhead as they chattered, the crowing roosters, and the barking of dogs which had continued through the night. As I walked back to the tent, I looked up and noticed colored strips of cloth above, resembling prayer flags.


Soak it in.

For the first time in a long time, I feel ready.


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